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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Local Newspaper to Charge Online Readers

Apparently frustrated with low ad revenues, the Shelby Promoter has now decided to charge readers to see their online edition. The cost will be $35.00 a year or approx. $2.92 a month. Readers will also have to log-in each time with a username and password. We checked out the new online edition and found that it is a photo copy in .PDF format. It is not too hard to read if you have normal close to 20/20 vision but may be hard for someone with limited eyesight. We at NBMC purposely format our sites with larger print plus readers can use the zoom text only feature on their browser. Also, maybe it was because the computer was already handling several tasks but one of our computers crashed will viewing the Shelby Promoter's new site. It was a good excuse to get another cup of coffee while that computer resurfaced. By-the-way, NBMC is still free and open after eight years.

Shelby Promotor:
"Many of the most popular features are still on the newly-designed website, including weekly news, sports, feature stories and photos and obituaries. With the addition of the new “E-Edition,” which debuted last week, online readers will have access to the entire issue of the paper. Online readers will be able to read the “E-Edition” free for another week. Beginning with the April 7 issue, only those readers who have subscribed to the online issue or added that feature to their regular annual subscription, will be able to read the paper online."

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